Records Division

Records Clerk Melanie Taylor smiles from behind the counter at the Records Division Office

Ardmore Police Department’s Records Section does not currently charge for one copy of a collision or other report.

Ardmore Police Department Records Section provides local background checks, but cannot run a state criminal history check .

If you need the requested information by a specific date or deadline, please make your request well in advance.

Due to situations beyond our control, we are not always able to deliver the requested report within a few hours or on the same day, which depends on the request and other external factors.  We always try to be expedient, but do not always have time to process the numerous requests we receive right away.

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Records Files

Important Facts

 The Oklahoma Open Records Act does exclude some information from public disclosure.  If the information you are requesting involves an incident currently under investigation or still active in the court system, juvenile information, allegations of sexual assault or child abuse, or other confidential information, it may not be released

Ardmore Police Department requires that all records and/or report requests must be submitted in writing and an Ardmore Police Department records request form must be completed.

Ardmore Police Department cannot release information for any incident or situation outside the jurisdiction of Ardmore Police Department.  Anything that did not take place within the city limits of Ardmore, Oklahoma must be obtained within that appropriate jurisdiction.  Ardmore Police Department does not maintain records for anything outside the city limits.

Records Request Reminders

  • Bring your government issued photo identification (driver’s license),  court orders, or other proof of identity or guardianship when you come to Records for a report.
  • Fill out the Records Request in full. Requests without details may be difficult or even impossible to find.  The more information you provide, the more assistance we can be.
  • If you wish to obtain multiple records,records more than two years ago, or other special request, please understand these are hand searches and can take longer, sometimes days or even weeks. However, we will do our best to fulfill your request in a timely manner.