Statutes, Ordinances, & Policies

House Bill 2698, effective November 1, 2010, established a new law that requires that public bodies make available on their website, the rules, regulations and statutes that they follow to operate.

Oklahoma State Statutes
The Oklahoma Department of Libraries has put together this page which has links to the various statutes that pertain to municipal public libraries. As a department of the City of Ardmore, the Ardmore Public Library falls within this category. This page is organized alphabetically by topic and links to the text of the appropriate statute.

City Ordinances
The library is further governed by certain sections of the City of Ardmore ordinances, both within the charter section and within the body of the ordinances. The city ordinances are available online and are searchable.

Library Policy Manual
In addition to the city and state laws under which the Library operates, we also have a policy manual approved by the Library Board. The policy manual covers practical issues, rules, and procedures, particularly as they affect and apply to library patrons.