APD Captains
Captain Kevin Norris Captain Paul White
Day Patrol Shift Commander Evening Patrol Shift Commander Midnight Patrol Shift Commander
(580) 221-2560 (580) 221-2545 (580) 221-2562



APD Investigative Services Division

The Investigative Services Division is made up of Officers and non-sworn personnel who do investigations and other tasks that support the overall activities of the APD. The Investigations unit is responsible for analysis and investigation of crimes. The Detectives and Officers in this unit process crime scenes for clues and evidence, interview witnesses, follow up on leads, and file charges on suspects with the District Attorney's office. The unit wlao works missing persons cases

Investigations Division ASSETeam
Supervising Sergeant R. Moore Supervising Sergeant P. James
Detective L. Payne Corporal D. Ragland
Detective B. Turner Officer D. Culley



APD Patrol Services Division

Day Shift Evening Shift Midnight Shift
Sergeant B. Woolly Sergeant R. Garcia Sergeant B. Eades
Sergeant L. James Sergeant C. Henry Corporal J. Randolph
Officer D. Adams Corporal A. Gee Corporal J. Johnson
Officer J. Brown Corporal B. Antwine Officer M. Miller
Officer C. Clark Officer E. Pfrehm Officer C. Mata
Officer R. Gillham Officer M. Dunn Officer S. Tucker
Officer J. Johnson Officer E. Grisham Officer S. Hofmann
Officer C. Alsobrook Officer J. Welch Officer J. Eastwood
  Officer DJ Long  
  Officer T. Shields  
  Officer L. Wood  
  Officer G. Fullingham  
Animal Control Officers School Resource Officers Community Service Officer
J. Pickens Corporal B. Antwine M. Castanos
A. Manning Corporal J. Johnson