City of Ardmore Cemeteries

Rosehill Cemetery | Clearview Cemetery

The City of Ardmore owns and operates two public cemeteries.
Rosehill Cemetery and Clearview Cemetery. The Parks
Department maintains the grounds, coordinates burials and
openings and closings of graves as well as the opening and
closing of graves at St. Mary's and Mt. Zion Cemeteries.

The Cemetery has four full time employees and utilizes part
time employees during the spring and summer months. The
employees are used to supplement the regular staff with
mowing, weed eating, and general maintenance duties.




Cemetery Staff
Linda Bray, Cemetery Superintendent
Sherry Webb, Office Specialist
Billy Myers, Equipment Operator
Stan Osborn, Equipment Operator
Cemetery Advisory Board Members
Eric Howard, Chairman
Loyd Collier, Vice-Chairman
Carolyn Franks, Member
Millard Ingram, Member
Barney Taylor, Member


Rosehill Cemetery

Rosehill Cemetery is approximately 120 acres and is locate at
1558 C Street Se.

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Clearview Cemetery

Clearview Cemetery is approximately 25 acres and is located at
1515 Roff


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