Adult Summer Camp


First of all, we need YOU to name our camp!!!! Send in your choice for the Adult Summer Camp name and the winner will win a pass to the Ardmore Water Park! What’s another way to win a pass? Design our t-shirt!!! Send your camp name and/or t-shirt design to for your chance to win!

Everyone wants to get away from the busyness of life sometimes and who doesn’t want to be a kid again? Well now is your chance! Our Adult Summer Camp is a place where you get a weekend to dance under the stars, prank your friends, play water sports, go on a hike, compete in camp competitions, smell the campfire, and explore the great outdoors of Lake Murray. You will even get a camp t-shirt!

Trade in being an adult for a weekend because frankly, adulting is hard. Escape for the weekend and be a kid again. Go off-the-grid with us! It doesn’t matter if you are a college student, a CEO of a major company, a baker, a President… it doesn’t matter if you have a ton in your bank or nothing at all. At our Adult Summer Camp, everyone is equal and is going to experience the same enchantment of the campfire and the fun that being a kid offers!

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Register at or in person at 625 East Main Street in Ardmore

Ages: 21 years and up

When: June 2nd-4th

Cost: $60/single


(includes camp t-shirt)

Location: Lake Murray Duke’s Forrest


Adult Summer Promo flyer