After School Program

Our After School Program starts in August and ends in May.  We provide homework assistance, arts and crafts time, recreation time, tutoring and other fun activities for our students. We pick up students in Ardmore schools and Plainview schools. We also have an After School Program at Springer Schools. If you are in the Springer School district, you will enroll at Springer during school enrollment. 

Pick-up Details: Jefferson students are dropped off at the Center by a school bus. Will Rogers students are bused to Charles Evans and HFV Center vans pick up Will Rogers and Charles Evans students at Charles Evans. HFV Center vans pick up at Plainview and Lincoln. 

Enrollment: At the time of enrollment you will need to fill out the enrollment form, sign the parent handbook, and pay $10 per child for the enrollment fee. We will give you any additional information you may need at that time. Please call 580-223-0136 to find out if we have spots available.

Ages: Kindergarten-5th grade

If your child is going into the 6th grade, they can go to the Boys and Girls Club “Teen” Program. The cost is $20 annually for the Boys and Girl Club membership. For enrollment information, call 580-319-7908.

Pre-registration (those in After school 2016-2017 school year and those in summer camp): July 25th at 8am at the Center

Open registration: July 26th at 8am at the Center