Holiday Safety

The year end holiday season is a prime time for residential fires.
Decorative lights, candles, parties where people drink and smoke, and especially the onset of the heating season all increase the likelihood of fire.

Keep matches and lighters out of children's reach. Make sure you talk to them about the dangers of candles, space heaters and fireplaces.
Older children should be taught how to light candles and that they should be put out when they leave the room.
    Toys:Avoid the toys that can be highly flammable. Make sure all electric toys bear a fire safety label from an independent testing laboratory. 

Give Space Heaters Space
Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from furniture, bedding, clothing, walls and other things that can burn. Always use them as directed by the manufacture and never use extension cords with them.

Party Safety
Use only flame retardant or noncombustible materials for costumes and decorations. Be aware of smokers and have a safe place for them to put out there smoking material.

Holiday Lights
Be sure all decorative lights, indoor and outdoor, bear the label of an independent testing laboratory. Replace any lights that have damaged cords or loose connections. Do Not overload outlets or run extension cords under carpeting or furniture.Unplug all decorations when you leave or go to bed.Never use electric lights on a metal Christmas tree.

Have your chimney inspected regularly by a professional. Always use a fire screen, and burn only materials appropriate for a fireplace. Never burn trash or paper in a fireplace; burning paper can float up the chimney and start a roof fire or catch the yard on fire. Remove ashes in a metal container, and never store them in your home.;

Always put candles in non-tip candle holders before you light them. Do not burn near combustibles decorations or displays. Keep them away from flammable material in the home. Curtains bedding ect. Never leave candles burning unattended or within reach of children.Extinguish the candle by wetting the wick before leaving the room or going to bed.

Christmas Trees
Choose a fresh tree. If you are not cutting your tree yourself, buy one that is not shedding its needles. Cut your Christmas tree trunk at an angle, and put it securely in a large, deep, non-tip stand. Set trees away from EXITS, FIREPLACES,AND HEAT SOURCES. Be sure to water it constantly. If you use a artificial tree be sure that it is labeled as being flame retardant.

For A Safe Enjoyable Holiday, Follow These Fire Safety Tips
1. Space Heaters Need Space
2. Be Watchful of Dangers to Children
3. Buy Only Safe Toys
4. Choose a Fresh Tree
5. Check Out Lights
6. Take Care with Candles