Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide
The Silent Killer
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, highly toxic gas that is undetectable to the human senses. Because of this, victims may become disoriented and unable to call for help or to get out.

Home Appliances
  • Inspect and service heating and cooling systems.
  • keep fireplace flue open for adequate ventilation and until embers are completely burned out
  • Examine chimneys and vents
  • Never install or operate gas burning appliances, furnaces or water heaters in unventilated enclosures.
  • Never use a gas range or oven for heating the home
  • Check water heaters for improper burner adjustments
  • Check flame for a good blue flame
  • Never use unventilated appliances (Heaters,  Lanterns,  etc.) in sleeping areas
  • Do not store propane tanks indoors
  • Even with the doors open do not use BBQ grills indoors
  • Never use generators indoors always have them on the exterior of the home
  • Keep generators and all gas powered equipment away from windows and doors

Motor Vehicles

  • Never sit in a vehicle idling with the windows up
  • Never leave vehicle idling in garage without garage door open and well ventilated
  • Never leave your child in a vehicle idling
  • Have exhausted system checked for leaks and damage
  • If you smell any fumes or unusual smells have vehicle checked
  • Never allow anyone to ride in the back of an enclosed pickup truck.

Boating Dangers

  • Stay away  from any watercraft exhaust
  • Never sit on or hang out on swim platforms if the motor is running
  • Have annual inspections on boat exhaust
  • Know the proper safety procedures relating to houseboats
  •         Install a working carbon monoxide detector

For more information NFPA Web site