The Engineering Division plans:

  • Storm water management
  • Streets
  • Utilities
  • Other public facilities
We assist homeowners, developers, and businesses with their interests and concerns in dealing with governmental regulations, including plan reviews and project inspections.

Street Closings

Below is the list of proposed street closures for the week of March 27, 2017:

  • McClain Road -- bridge out - ROAD CLOSED
  • Stanley from "M" to "O" SW - CLOSED
  • "R" SW from 3rd Stanley to 3rd - CLOSED
  • Intersection of "N" SW at Stanley- CLOSED
  • "N" SW from 3rd to Bixby - CLOSED
  • "E" St. SE from 1st SE to Hatcher St. - ROAD CLOSED
  • Veterans Blvd and Chickasaw - NEW TRAFFIC SIGNALS (Veterans Blvd. will remain open except for select times at brief intervals throughout the whole project.)
   NOTE: Schedule is Subject to Change.

Reminder: Non-Authorized vehicles are not allowed to cross or drive around closure barricades, this can result in a traffic citation and fine of up to $500.


Please contact Technical Services Department at 580-221-2535 for questions regarding:

  • Street Markings
  • Street Signs
  • Traffic Signs
  • Traffic Lights

2015 Spring & Summer Mosquito Spray Schedule

  • SW - Mondays
  • NW (East) - Tuesdays
  • NW (West) - Wednesdays
  • NE - Thursdays
  • SE - Fridays
Spray Times: 4 - 8 a.m. The schedule is also published on Channel 6.